What is an NFT Smart Contract?

NFTs are blockchain-managed crypto tokens and they are created through the use of smart contracts. NFTs have their own set of metadata which is incorporated into the smart contract. The creator is automatically declared the owner of a newly created non-fungible token by the smart contract.

Smart contract-governed actions
  • Verifying ownership
  • Managing transferability

Benefits of NFT Smart Contracts for Your Business

A smart contract is a piece of self-executing computer code that is kept on a Blockchain network. This code is applied to speed up, confirm, and enforce contract negotiations or performance. Utilize the capabilities of our NFT smart contract development to streamline the execution of tasks inside your company while making use of the following benefits:


When the predefined conditions are met, the smart contract is immediately executed when its codes are automatically activated by an on-chain transaction. The procedure does away with all paperwork, escrow, and manual error correction.

Cost Cutting

We develop smart contracts without the need for middlemen, which reduces transaction costs and time spent overseeing various functions inside an organization.


Our extremely secure smart contracts possess the capacity to encrypt each transaction record, making it difficult for hackers to gain access.

Trust and Transparency

Smart contract created by us eliminates the possibility of third-party interference. We ensure certain that the data is entirely accurate and unaltered.

Improved Accuracy

After the condition is achieved, smart contracts guarantee to automate of business procedures. The digital and automated nature of smart contracts helps shorten settlement times and eliminate operational mistakes.


In comparison to traditional techniques, smart contracts execute transactions more quickly since they automate tasks that would otherwise take time to complete.

Standards of smart contracts for creating NFTs?

Given that Ethereum is the most popular NFT. Let us examine the Ethereum standards. Ethereum uses the ERC 1155 standard and the ERC 721 standards.


ERC-721 Standard

The Ethereum Blockchain’s open ERC 721 standard outlines how to construct NFTs. Unlike other tokens, ERC 721 is unique. The operation of a smart contract is specified by the ERC 721 standard. You require two pieces of information when transferring a token

Token Addressing
  • ERC-721
    Smart contract ID and the token’s address
  • ERC-721
    Single ERC721 controls the number of tokens.

ERC 1155 Standard

Tokens can be fungible, non-fungible, or semi-fungible according to the ERC-1155 smart contract interface. The creation of such a distinctive token standard served to establish a robust smart contract interface for managing different ERC tokens. With the help of the multi-token ERC 1155 standard, each token Id represents a different configurable token type with unique metadata properties


Let Our Specialists Know What You Need For NFT Smart Contract Development

NFT Smart Contract Use Case

NFT Development Platform

Your collectibles should be tokenized as digital assets, complete with all the special characteristics that prevent exchange and interoperability.

NFT Lending Platform Development

Create NFT smart contract token to maintain the loan collateral in order to protect the borrowed funds.

NFT For Arts

By adding their personal trademark to their digital artwork, artists may establish themselves in the market.

NFT for Games

Create NFT smart contract token for rare items like weapons, tickets, characters, and more.

NFT for Music

Musicians can tokenize their works and list them on the markets to boost the number of unique NFT followers who subscribe.

NFT for Real Estate

Create a token for your virtual property and sell it on the market to attract potential buyers. NFT for Physical Assets.

NFT for Fashion

Develop NFT smart contracts for the fashion sector to acquire digital ownership of all accessories and items.

NFT for Sports

For sports collectibles, our experts design creative NFT contracts that draw customers to the platform and boost conversion rates.

NFT Marketplace For Influencers

Influencer-focused NFT marketplace is similar to the existing NFT marketplace with the exception of only a few content creators advertising their digital creations as NFT tokens. These NFTs are available for purchase, sale, or auction.

Security Features of NFT Smart Contract

Security is the key to any platform. Here are NFTWIIZ we go a mile extra to work on the security features that are included in our NFT smart contract development services:

  • The NFT provides extensive information that highlights its uniqueness. This information is valid and accurate.
  • The high level of security of NFT smart contract tokens prevents their removal at any point.
  • Increasing profitability is a common goal of business owners. The NFT market allows them to make money while they are asleep.
  • These tokens are indivisible, which makes it challenging to divide them into other denominations.
  • Paucity – Once delivered, an NFT platform's characteristics won't change.

Process of NFT Smart Contract Development

Our NFT smart contract development is designed by keeping our client’s requirements in mind for their NFT smart contract.


Our techs create a robust and legal smart contract architecture.


Our auditors test both manually and automatically for any potential flaws.


In order to keep a smart contract current with a changing technical framework, NFTWIIZ offers post-deployment support.

Requirement Analysis

Examine the NFT product and the smart contract specifications.

Smart Contract Development

Our developers design smart contracts with the highest level of security.


The NFT smart contract market is integrated, which are then put into use after sceptical testing.

White Label NFT Smart Contracts Development on various Blockchain Platforms

You have the option to shortlist a Blockchain for your NFT focused projects because our Blockchain development team is skilled in creating NFT smart contract solutions on various Blockchain technologies. Here are the list of Blockchain technologies we use for our NFT smart contract development.

Why Choose The NFTWIIZ For Your NFT Smart Contract Development Company?

We have created smart contracts on several platforms including Hyperledger, Ethereum, TRON, and others. NFTWIIZ is one of the leading NFT marketplace development company for smart contract development. Our team develops a reliable business solutions with our robust technologies. One of our skilled smart contract developers assists you to resolve all your business issues.


High-grade solution


Optimum market price


Flexible hiring process


Convenient business


Customizable features


Research & development




Increased ROI


Agile methodology

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