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NFTWIIZ offers full-service, flexible NFT development services with an agile methodology along with excellent feature-rich and comprehensive NFT platform development for your business. Over 97% of our clients have stayed with us since the launch of our digital intelligence.


Launch NFT Marketplace With Our Ready To Deploy White Label NFT Marketplace

One can include digital collectibles and make it possible for investors to buy, bid, or swap on their platform by developing their own NFT marketplace solution. Create your NFT marketplace with our ready-to-deploy NFT development solutions. Our Whitelabel NFT development services are feature-rich, customizable, and highly secure. NFTWIIZ helps you launch the NFT marketplace quickly and opens a pathway to reach a global audience.

Web 3.0 Technology Holds The Promise To Smart Future In NFT Applications



What are the NFT Development Services We Provide?

We strive to offer top-tier NFT development services as a reputable company with a team of skilled Blockchain developers. NFTWIIZ assists you with every step of the NFT software development process.

NFT Marketplace Development

Utilize our NFT development services and create various revenue streams and earn profits in every possible way. Choose our Whitelabel NFT development services to back up a Blockchain network of your choice.

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NFT Launchpad Development

NFT launchpad development conveniently facilitates the minting and launching of NFT projects.This platform is based on a first-come basis and is supported by smart contracts on a Blockchain of your choice.

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NFT Exchange Development

By developing an NFT exchange platform, creators can mint and sell their works using NFT tokens. Businesses have numerous opportunities to earn with the NFT exchange development platform.

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NFT Smart Contract Development

Users have the option to buy, sell, and trade goods including digital collectibles, sports, music, games, and arts with our smart contract-based NFT marketplace. Our Blockchain stores NFT smart contracts thus guaranteeing data transparency.

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NFT Minting Development

NFT minting platform development is offered by our team with cutting-edge custom features to assist you in minting any digital assets like art, music, video, etc to monetize your work. Our NFT platform development solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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NFT Staking Development

NFT staking is locking up NFT assets. Our NFT platform development space includes various advantages, airdrops, and prizes. We leverage a variety of Blockchain networks such as Binance smart chain, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc to give a flawless experience.

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NFT Token Development

Unparallel NFT token development services are offered by NFTWIIZ a top-tier NFT development with diverse clients across the globe. The Blockchain industry has greatly benefited from the usage of NFT tokens. This includes various industries like gaming, digital art, and more.

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NFT Lending Platform Development

We assist our client’s to create an NFT lending platform included in our NFT development services. Users who own NFTs can utilize them as collateral to immediately obtain liquidity thus earning a huge revenue with this platform.

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Our NFT Development Services Suitable for Different Business Niche

NFTWIIZ a leading NFT development company has experience and knowledge in developing assets using advanced algorithms.

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NFT For Arts

Arts is the most well-known NFT domain. Artists can trade their works without worrying about copyright issues. NFTs for artwork can increase sales and assist in generating royalties for artists.

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NFT for Games

In our NFT development solutions, NFTs assist players with In-game assets that can be owned, and most NFT games are interoperable like rare skin or avatars, so players can make use of the opportunity.

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NFT for Sports

NFT sports marketplace is an ideal platform for selling, buying, or bidding on unique memorabilia for a particular sport. Sports trading can be digitized and accessed online in the market. NFTs like films, T-shirts, photographs and other sports collectibles can be tokenized.

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NFT for Music

Piracy has been a major issue for the music industry. NFTs can eliminate these problems by assisting artists in receiving their appropriate credit. Musicians can tokenize their works and sell them online.

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NFT for Real Estate

Users can create virtual lands on an NFT real estate platform. They can list, and sell them in the market to the highest bidder. Buyers can place bids on the properties by tokenizing their NFTs.

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NFT for Physical Assets

Users can create virtual lands on an NFT real estate platform. They can list, and sell them in the market to the highest bidder. Buyers can place bids on the properties by tokenizing their NFTs.

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NFT for Fashion

With NFTs in fashion, customers learn about the clothing's history and confirm the authenticity of premium brands. It gives an immersive shopping experience for clothing or any other accessories.

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NFT for Entertainment

NFTs in the entertainment industry are a new way to earn revenue by the viewing count and the strength of fans. Many business models are powered by the NFTs marketplace.

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NFT Marketplace For Influencers

Influencer-focused NFT marketplace is similar to the existing NFT marketplace with the exception of only a few content creators advertising their digital creations as NFT tokens. These NFTs are available for purchase, sale, or auction.

Delivered NFT Projects in clone script

We have successfully delivered profitable NFT marketplace development solutions to our clients. Utilize our expertise in the Blockchain and NFT projects to give a seamless experience for your customers. Take a look at our creative NFT marketplace solutions.




Zed Run

Axie Infinity


Binanace NFT


NFTWIIZ offers a team of developers for NFT web and mobile application development - Ethereum, Polygon, Binance smart chain, Solana, Cardano, Tron protocols, cybersecurity, and DevOps that builds an accessible and robust NFT marketplace that guarantees sustainable income and high ROI.

NFT Development Features We Employ

A prestigious NFT development service company, NFTWIIZ is recognized for its cutting-edge NFT platform development feature for the perfect and everlasting creation of NFTs. These are our unique qualities:

Marketplace management

User profiles

Find out about your users and their purchasing NFTs. Find their personal info and transaction history at a glance.

User accounts

Encourage repeat purchasing by enabling user account creation at checkout. Your users can also check out as a guest without creating an account.

Wallets Integration

Marketplace integrates with over 100 external defi wallets from around the world. Your inventory is updated automatically.

User groups

Categorize and group inventory lists based on blockchain networks,standards and more.

Manage on the go

Use the NFT app on your smartphone to update your store, manage inventory and transaction history.

Setting Minting Fees

Based on your location, NFT marketplace will automatically handle minting fees, major country tax rates.

Multiple languages

NFT marketplace comes in 50+ languages, and you can always translate your NFT marketplace's to suit your needs.

White label and custom domain

You can specify your custom domain for the affiliate program, as well as set up your own design.

Administrators and User Types

Create an unlimited number of administrators, affiliate managers, and NFT creators, NFT traders.

Basic Features


The most important advertising aspect of any business and this holds exceptionally true for NFT marketplaces as trendy UI lures in more art investors.

Advanced Token Search

Customer must get relevant data on information they require immediately with minimal effort.


Filter helps buyers to funnel the content they are looking for significantly reducing the times spent on searching.

Listing creation

Listing of the assets will be done automatically once the mint is approved.

Listing status

The current and past status of the NFT increases trust amongst users.

Buying and Auction

NFT listed for sale can be either directly purchased by a single user or sold over an auction.


Rating features increases the desirability of the NFT.


Ranking increases the integrity of the NFT


Bundles let the buyers know the quantity of the NFT, whether if it's a single or multiple unit.


Perhaps the most limelight feature of Blockchain is its security.

Privacy policy

Since a Dapp wallet is used to establish ownership, Privacy is never an issue from the first place.


Universal acceptance across various platforms.


TOur EVM contracts are scalable by default automatically expanding to the increasing business needs and growth.

Additional functionality

Open for changes and suggestions for the ever-changing market needs.

Blockchain Integration

There are multiple types of blockchain networks (public, private, consortium, and hybrid). Along with such public technologies as IBM Blockchain, Ethereum, Ripple, or Cords, some brands go for new options. For example, NBA Top Shot uses its own new blockchain, called Flow.


A computer process validates data, creating a new block, and recording it into a blockchain. Minting deserves special attention. It’s vital to think in advance if you want to allow NFTs with upfront gas costs or if you wish to introduce lazy minting, which does not require any gas.

Token types

You should define the types of NFT tokens the platform will support. For example, Opensea supports the majority of NFTs, including ERC-721 and ERC-1155.


Gone are the days when the user had enough patience to fill in forms with multiple fields. Smooth on-boarding is a must. Thus, make sure to provide options such as social logins


The user experience is the king. To ensure a smooth journey, it’s vital to plan what your NFT marketplace navigation should be like.

Effective listings

A product page can make or break a sale. Listings with digital assets must be highly informative, include item descriptions and details, current pricing (with an equivalent in USD).


The majority of NFT marketplaces offer a bidding system for their digital assets. As a result, the ability to overview the shift of interest is required to keep the fire burning.

Successful elements to make quick ROI for NFT marketplace

A storefront withflawless UX/UI

With NFTs in fashion, customers learn about the clothing's history and confirm the authenticity of premium brands. It gives an immersive shopping experience for clothing or any other accessories.


Maintaining stringent cybersecurity is a must to be protected from all internal and external NFT threats.

Intuitive crypto-nativepayment options

With NFTs in fashion, customers learn about the clothing's history and confirm the authenticity of premium brands. It gives an immersive shopping experience for clothing or any other accessories.

99.9% NFT app uptime monitoring and reliability

With NFTs in fashion, customers learn about the clothing's history and confirm the authenticity of premium brands. It gives an immersive shopping experience for clothing or any other accessories.

Well-performed smart contracts

Maintaining stringent cybersecurity is a must to be protected from all internal and external NFT threats.


With NFTs in fashion, customers learn about the clothing's history and confirm the authenticity of premium brands. It gives an immersive shopping experience for clothing or any other accessories.

Why choose NFTWIIZ?

NFTWIIZ is a top-tier NFT marketplace development company, that strives to offer the best NFT development solutions that is specifically customized to meet the needs of every client. By utilizing the latest technology in addition to our feature-rich NFT platform solution for your NFT marketplace. With the futuristic NFT marketplace products and services, you can completely dive yourself into this space.

  • Round-the-clock service
  • Professional Blockchain developers
  • Cross-chain compatibility
  • On schedule delivery
  • Prompt launch
  • Practical solution

Reap the benefits of choosing right standards & blockchain networks from NFT developers

Token Standards :

The non-fungible token ecosystem is growing fast and becoming easier to use. For anyone interested in minting their own NFTs, the process is quite simple. There are now a series of blockchain, internet, and content standards that NFTs follow. Token standards that create a uniform set of protocols, which allow for easy integration across a number of blockchain platforms, interoperability, increased utility value and network effect, as the token can be used for more applications.

If you plan to create a token, make sure to check the standards according to the NFT usage. There are rules to respect depending on the type of token you are creating to be used for business applications.

Blockchain network :

A blockchain network means technical network that offering ledger and smart contract services to the applications. Basically, these smart contracts are used to generate crypto transactions which are subsequently distributed among every peer node in the blockchain network where they are unalterably recorded on their copy of the ledger. The users of applications must be end users using client applications.

Blockchain underpins thousands of crypto business applications and networks that have some utility and are able to provide value in various industries such as finance, supplychain and gaming etc.


Technology Preference for NFT Applications

NFT Technology :

Technology Stack requirements may differ depending on the NFT business applications. That's why we offer almost a hundred solutions for any particular need. Choosing technology stack is only the first step of your development journey. With the business logics, we can move forward with control over every little detail.

Here are some technology stacks recommendations for developing NFT marketplaces based on our NFT development experience working with ICOs, crypto wallets, and other blockchain businesses.

NFT Compliances & Industry Standards :

Beyond all NFT marketplace development considerations, successful marketplaces need to establish their trust and safety for all NFT traders. While the NFTs themselves are provable, the average consumer is not a crypto expert and will put their faith in the various NFT marketplaces that the tokens are legitimate and that transactions are safe.

These all compliances and policies in the marketplace’s that vet all buyers and sellers to protect their bottom line from NFT fraudulent transactions.




NFT Marketplace Development Process

Our roadmap to the NFT marketplace development stages:
Exploration call

Your adventure begins right here where we comprehend your company's objective, problems, and priorities. We draw a map based on the currency workflow and your organization’s vision in several brainstorming sessions

Strategy and Blueprint

At this stage, we start developing, prototyping, and user testing your platform or product after gathering your requirements in the brainstorming session.


In this stage, programming and coding are carried out using the designs based on your approval. There are three stages in our development lifecycle: the Alpha phase, Beta phase, and Release phase.

Testing and QA

For each release of your product or platform, we carry out comprehensive QA testing as part of our ongoing data-derived verification process to make sure the completed product is market-ready.

Launch and Maintenance

Your platform or product goes live here. Our developers deploy your product in the live settings after receiving your approval. We primarily handle cloud and on-premise hosting.

Customer Tech Support

We constantly optimise your platforms or products, implement market strategies and provide real/fix support in order to assure continued growth.

Frequently Asked Question

Whenever you have an idea for NFT applications that you want to pursue. Almost every individuals and big company you know today started their business with NFT logics. Dont seek good time to open up NFT marketplace. Whenever you plan, get into the action.
Business analysis : to validate features and get ready for development. UI/UX design : to get a prototype that developers could work with Web/mobile development. Quality Assurance : to make sure there are no critical bugs and the product works fine.
Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. The features always depend on your requirements, business goals, and target audience.
You should hire a reliable NFT developers. Here, we offer full-cycle software for NFT marketplace development, including requirements analysis, design, development, and testing.
You should consult with an in-house tech specialist to answer that question. Contact us to get a free tech consultation with our specialists.

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  • Using relevant languages and frameworks, secure databases, apply microservices architecture to make apps scalable
  • Manual and automated testing to get full test coverage
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  • Complying with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA
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