An Overview Of ZedRun Clone Script

The ZedRun clone script is a copy of the magnificent Blockchain based ZedRun horse racing platform. ZedRun is a platform that allows users to breed, buy, and sell virtual horses using NFTs (non-fungible tokens). ZedRun NFTgame clone script includes the necessary code and functionality to create a platform that replicates the key features of ZedRun, including the ability for users to breed and buy virtual horses, and the use of NFTs to facilitate buying, selling, and trading.

Launch An NFT Racing Platform Like ZedRun

Ever wish you could own a stunning racehorse? Well if the answer is Yes, this NFT horse racing platform is for enthusiasts like you. Though it is one of the most extravagant sports in the world, people still love horse racing and earn profits from it. ZedRun is a simulation of horse racing in the digital age.

There are 3 ways you can start an NFT horse racing platform similar to ZedRun with NFTWIIZ. Either you start from scratch, with ZedRun clone script, or with white label ZedRun clone script software. Among these 2 of them are the most practical ones ZedRun clone script and white-label ZedRun clone script development. It gives you a chance to earn huge profits by using this NFT horse racing gaming platform.


Features Of ZedRun Clone Script


Integrated Wallets


Racing Section

Racing Slots

Race Notification

Finance Dashboard

Filter Mechanism

In-Game Elements

Why ZedRun Clone App?

List of about 38,000 Genesis horses

Genesis horses grouped under 4 categories

Package of rewards

888 horses are available for bidding

Building Blocks Of ZedRun Clone Software


Collectibles and resources for in-app purchases have a location to be shown on the NFT marketplace.


New horses are produced through breeding from the original stock of horses. Horses' performance levels can be raised through breeding in order to win a race.

Riding a horse

The horse racing module contains information about the horses' racing once the breeding procedure is over.


This contains information about a horse's availability, rarity, lineage scarcity, etc.

Next to run

This characteristic reveals the specifics of the horse that is prepared to compete in the upcoming race.

Take horse Racing Virtual with our Zed Run Clone

Supported Blockchain By Our ZedRun Clone Development

Binance Smart Chain

Work Flow Of Our ZedRun Clone Script Development

Users can create an account using a stable Metamask e-wallet or signing up email login.

A fully matured racehorse is used by the user to begin racing after breeding is complete.

On the basis of this understanding, the Users establish a stable.

The user approves the payment and transaction.

After that, the User begins breeding the racehorse.

In order to become an expert in ZED RUN, the User must grasp progression and scarcity.

Racehorse can now be purchased by the user from the market.

Once finished, the racehorse that the user purchased appears in the stable.

Hire Our Developers To Create Your Own NFT Horse Racing Game Like Zed Run


White Label ZedRun Clone Software Development

White label ZedRun clone script is a set of code that is used to build a platform that is similar to ZedRun. Our white label ZedRun clone software development services help users breed, own and race NFT racehorses. It makes use of Web3 technologies like Blockchain and Bitcoin to give users the same benefits. Smart contracts are used to keep track of racehorse ownership. Our team customized the platform according to the client’s needs and design.

Advantages Of Our ZedRun Clone Script

Tremendous ROI

Attractive UI/UX

Zero gas fee

Rapid acceptance

10X improved transaction

Exceptional gaming experience

How NFTWIIZ Can Step Up Your NFT Business

NFTWIIZ is a renowned NFT marketplace development company with clients across the globe. As a leading provider of NFT marketplace development services, our team dedicates its whole time to creating the greatest racing platform. Our ZedRun clone script has been thoroughly tested across several platforms guaranteeing compatibility and flawless NFT marketplace clone script. In order to make our solutions accessible, usable, and secure we customize them and keep up with the current cryptographic technological advances. We have got you covered to create ZedRun like NFT game. 3


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