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NFT staking and cryptocurrency are two trendy options for making a passive income. Blockchain technology is the bedrock for both systems is the craze going around the world. In this blog, let us take a look at NFT staking, the 5 best staking platforms, and more.

What Is Staking?

NFT staking, as the name suggests, is locking NFTs on a platform or protocol in exchange for staking rewards and other benefits. By this, NFT owners hold ownership of their NFTs to earn a passive income. NFT staking is a sub-trend of NFTs and is currently attracting attention from investors. 

Collectors buy, hold, and speculatively value NFTs due to their inherent qualities. With NFT staking, you may earn money from your assets without selling them. Encouraging more investors in NFT staking platforms also raises demand for NFTs.

NFT staking gives a new way to earn profit with assets, which enchants more people to take part and build the NFT staking platform. Defi yield farming is similar to the staking NFT strategy that involves lending or deploying crypto to liquidity providers in return for rewards like interest or the payment of transaction costs. It is the same as what you would receive from a bank, but this is without the bank.

How Does NFT Staking Platform Work?

The majority of blockchain networks in use today use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus method and rely on a vast network of validators to validate transactions and maintain security. In exchange for staking rewards, cryptocurrency validators stake their coins and check the transactions. Similarly, by devoting your NFT to a blockchain network, you can stake NFTs in a platform and receive incentives.

DeFi protocols work similarly to the NFT staking platform. Compared to the DeFi yield farming and crypto staking concepts, NFT staking is still in its infancy. Staking protocols vary in how they operate. Each has its own set of guidelines and compensation schemes. While some protocols give benefits for just locking up the NFTs on their platforms, others demand that NFT holders vote on proposals. Non Fungible token holders are reluctant to sell because it is unique. This is a significant difference between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. You need a crypto wallet compatible with the NFT to stake your NFT. 

Ensure that your preferred wallet is compatible with the blockchain where the NFT is located first. To send your NFTs to the NFT staking platform, connect your wallet. NFTwiiz develops the best NFT staking platform for you.

Advantages Of NFT Staking Platform

Here are some of the advantages to build the best NFT staking platform


The NFT Staking Platform will offer a variety of benefits depending on the NFT assets staked on the platform.


To attract new users to the network random and special airdrops are given. It encourages the user to test out the NFT staking platform while reaping the advantages of the past.


NFT Staking Platform will be available for the public to access. This transparency will develop greater trustability.


The motive for recursive income will remain as long as the NFT is staked, and staking it will generate stable income.

Earn Passive Income By Staking

NFTs can generate passive revenue if you have them in your crypto wallet. The most recent application, blockchain technology is used to generate passive revenue in NFT staking. 

The reward you can receive when you lock NFTs on a staking platform depends on several parameters, including the annual percentage yield (APY), the length of time you stake, and the total number of NFTs staked. The type of NFT staked and the platform you utilize also play a role. However, daily or weekly incentives are offered by the majority of NFT staking sites.

The staking NFT platform evaluates an NFT’s value based on its rarity and offers a reasonable APY when staking it. APY will be higher if your NFT is rare. NFTs determine the ability to earn revenue. The platform’s native cryptocurrency will be used for staking rewards. You can swap these tokens for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies in the exchange platform. NFTwiiz is here to help you with NFT staking platform development with our NFT development marketplace services. 

5 Successful Staking Platforms 

Recently, NFT staking platforms are emerging, and the demand for NFT staking development among the crypto community is increasing. A suitable crypto wallet is all you need to start staking NFT. It’s preferable to use the most widely trusted platforms before staking your funds. NFTwiiz helps you with NFT launch staking with our NFR staking platform development services. Now let us examine a few of the most widely used NFT staking platforms.


Users can develop ERC20 tokens compatible with NFT collections using the NFTX platform. They deposit NFTs into the NFTX vault, which creates the 1:1 composable and fungible ERC20 token.


The collectible card game Splinterlands, which uses blockchain is comparable to Hearthstone, players collect and use cards with skills and stats. The native coin of the game, SPS (short for “Splintershards”), is set up in this instance as a DAO on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). To use the NFT cards in other games, they can also stake their NFT cards in liquidity pools.


NFTs embrace new-age music, in which producers have total control over distribution. However, there is a marketplace for music NFTs where users may purchase them and stake them in royalties pools to receive a portion of the money made by their songs or albums. The music library platform will grow in proportion to the strength of the royalty income stream for NFT investors.


A cross-chain ecosystem for digital collectibles and games is called Polychain Monsters. It is a framework for animated NFTs with various characteristics and scarcity levels. There are commonly known as Polymons and are available in digital booster packs. This is the opportunity for NFT owners to stake them in exchange for weekly incentives in the form of PMON, Polychain Monsters’ cryptocurrency.


JustLiquidity strongly advocates for liquidity since it places a high value on compensation to its consumers, ETH is given as a reward to the stakers who supply liquidity. The user is rewarded after providing liquidity. It gives a solution to the main liquidity issue, that most NFT systems face. 

NFTWIIZ Is Here To Build NFT Staking Platform

Develop your own NFT staking platform by partnering with us. With a top-notch, standardized development process, we offer one of the best NFT staking platform development services. Our team develops the market’s highest levels of stability and dependability is achieved with our NFT staking platform. NFTWIIZ offers its NFT staking platform development services to your business. As the leading NFT development company in the market, NFTwiiz creates ground-breaking initiatives in the cryptocurrency space. We have an experienced group of developers who are qualified to provide a wide range of NFT services.

To Wrap Up

As a result, we can say that the NFT staking platforms are the means for token holders to make money. NFT collections are not only secure but also more valuable to store and encrypt in the blockchain. Grow your business to new heights with the development of the NFT staking platform. Additionally, it ensures that the liquidity is constant and reliable. The NFT staking platform offers too many advantages to enumerate.

The development of the NFT staking platform has progressed since its inception on the Ethereum blockchain, it has expanded to include chains like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, and Cardano.

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