How Much Does It Cost to Create The  NFT Marketplace?

cost to create nft marketplace

NFTs are making headlines for a while. The NFT marketplace is tremendously growing for both creators and owners. However digitalization has significantly altered people’s life and its impact on every sector, including marketing, real estate, and education and everyone is curious to find out the cost to develop and build an NFT marketplace services

OpenSea, Rarible, and Superfarm are examples of NFT marketplace that have become the center of funding and high revenue. It supports various NFTs, which means that the revenue sources it offers are considerably broader than other NFT marketplace development services.


Web3 applications called non-fungible token marketplaces in other words they let users buy and sell different kinds of NFTs. However, there are several other marketplaces that are accessible to the general public, including those that let users of cryptocurrency wallets buy and trade their own NFTs. 

Moreover, people can easily set up accounts on an NFT marketplace and sell their digital pieces of art. Due to their unique features and capacity to sell a variety of art forms, niche marketplaces are typically more in demand than ordinary ones.



Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges introduced in the NFT marketplace in 2021. Binance NFT marketplace service includes artwork, games, and collectibles.


OpenSea is the most established and oldest NFT marketplace development services still in operation. Numerous NFT marketplace services including those related to art, music, photography, and trading cards.


This NFT marketplace development service specializes in art, particularly works by well-known painters and celebrities. You can use your credit card to make purchases in this NFT marketplace.


Users can purchase and sell artwork, collectibles, video game assets, and NFTs on Rarible. With Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos you may trade and make purchases on Rarible which is the greatest NFT marketplace development service.


A premium NFT art marketplace called SuperRare positions itself as an art gallery within the NFT community. If you’re searching for high-end NFT artwork, especially more traditional pieces, SuperRare is an excellent option.


Unique digital assets are acquired by users in the NFT marketplace.  For instance, digital assets could be anything, ranging from collectibles connected to sports and video games to artwork and music.

Exclusive NFT marketplace

 Exclusive NFT Marketplace is used for the purpose of buying and selling very high value in these markets. Exclusive NFT Marketplace is suitable for collectors who want to own exceptional and distinctive works.

General NFT marketplace

In the General NFT Marketplace as their platform, any form of NFT can be produced and sold in a variety of ways and with varying features, numbers, prices, and styles. Because of its vast customers, General NFT Marketplace is the most well-liked and has the highest trading volume.

Niche NFT marketplace

Lastly niche NFT marketplace might be a storefront for in-game NFT purchases, music, or movies. Users can exchange assets more easily and conveniently when there is a dedicated NFT marketplace for their particular market segment.

Things To Be Considered When Creating NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace development services have been the center of attention in recent times. Many supporters are interested in developing the NFT Marketplace to connect buyers and sellers.

Things to be considered before developing a NFT marketplace:

NFT Token Standards

The norms of the NFT marketplace is what drives it. These standards ensure that the assets act a certain way and show users how to use the basic functionalities.

Two standards are generally used to construct the NFT marketplace:


This ERC721 standard maps unique identifiers to addresses that reveal the owner of the identifier. ERC721’s function offers a way to transfer assets with authority.


Single assets are represented as an entire class in the ERC1155 token standard.

NFT Metadata

The NFT metadata contains information of a description of a unique token ID as well as any additional properties. Hosting huge files natively on-chain on Ethereum or other blockchain systems would be a technological and financial disaster (or, rather, an impossibility). NFT metadata is essentially a workaround to prevent this.

Legal Documents

New business owner struggles to comprehend the legal documentation needed to build the best NFT cryptocurrency marketplace platform. To build the legal documents the following are essential.

  • Contract terms
  • Community Terms
  • Regarding Privacy
  • Particulars of IP consideration


Understanding how an NFT marketplace works from the client’s point of view is very crucial before getting to know how to build an NFT marketplace development service and how much it cost to build NFT marketplace development services. 

Typically, the workflow is the same across all NFT development systems. To store NFTs, a user must first register on the platform and install a digital wallet. The cost to develop NFT marketplace includes costs related to transaction brokering as a result NFT marketplace development charges a fee

People who upload their assets to display in the NFT marketplace development services to decide the type of payment tokens they want to accept. They have a fixed price to bid in the auction process.

The Flow of How NFT Marketplace works:

Step 1:   Create your account on an NFT marketplace platform.

Step 2:  Set up a cryptocurrency wallet.

Step 3:   NFT creation begins users upload digital content in order to display and list products for sale

Step 4:   Users can choose between setting a preset price or placing a bid in an auction.

Step 5.    Items will pass moderation.

Step 6:    Once new NFTs are approved, customers can view them in the list of available items.

Step 7:    The owner of the tokens may start accepting bids.

Step 8:    Sellers are informed about their winning bids after the auction has ended.

Step 9:    The NFT marketplace platform controls how digital assets and money are transferred.


Both front-end and back-end characteristics and NFT marketplace costs need to be taken into consideration while creating an NFT marketplace development service. The total cost of NFT marketplace development also depends on how many features you decide to add.

In light of this, these characteristics make your product stand out from the competition and give potential customers the best user experience.

  • Storefront
  • Auction and buy
  • Wallet
  • Filter
  • Listing
  • Ratings
  • Search functionality


Your specific business needs and the capabilities you want to use will determine the cost to build an NFT marketplace. It also depends on the number of features to be added as well as sophisticated UI and navigation. 

In addition, using the fastest, safest, most dependable, and therefore popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, or Solana will increase the cost to develop the NFT marketplace.

Cost Of Various NFT Marketplace Types

The next step is to determine which NFT Marketplace would best meet your budget as you are already aware of a variety of NFT Marketplaces that you may choose to establish. 

The NFT categories you choose as your niche will influence how much your NFT marketplace platform development will cost. For instance, your platform needs to be more secure than the general app. 

But keep in mind that the below table is only a rough estimate of the cost; there are still a lot of additional considerations, such as the number of features you want to include, the region and expertise of the developers, the tech stack needed, etc.

The top four NFT marketplace listings are described below

Open and Premium Marketplace:

One of the most popular types of NFT marketplace is the Open and premium marketplace. Since a wide range of sources is gathered in a single open market, anyone can access them. However, compared to closed marketplaces, open marketplaces contain fewer premium features. A prominent example of this kind of NFT marketplace is OpenSea.

Curated and non-curated NFT marketplace:

Authorized artists wishing to sell their work might find a welcoming environment in the Curated marketplace. A non-curated marketplace, on the other hand, supports both legal and unauthorized artists, making it simpler for users to sell. A non-curated marketplace example is Spotify.

Collectibles NFT marketplace: 

For collectors who buy and sell a variety of digital NFTs, this is the ideal market. NBA highlights are offered here as NFTs for people who love sports. 

Game NFT marketplace:

Games are the primary expertise in this marketplace.  Since the gaming sector is so lucrative, the cost of developing the NFT marketplace will be substantially greater. Particularly in online gaming, the gaming business is extremely well-liked by NFTs. In order to obtain advanced features, avatars, or levels, players here sell, buy, and invest on several gaming platforms.

Open and premium marketplace                                         

$12500 – $37500

Curated and non-curated marketplace   

$20,000 – $50,000

Collectibles NFT marketplace

$15,000 – $62,500

Game NFT marketplace 

$25,000 – $62,500

Does The Price Of Developing The NFT Marketplace Vary Depending On The Country?

As outsourcing tech stack to firms is lately becoming more trendy you now have more options when it comes to NFT Marketplace Development companies. You may now envision working well with a vendor from outside your nation’s borders while yet fulfilling the responsibilities that were given to you. One might wonder whether the price of developing the NFT Marketplace varies depending on where you are. Do the costs differ, for instance, if I hire a business in Vietnam against one in Europe?

The answer is, “It depends.” Fortunately, when we looked at the price, we discovered that the primary features needed for the NFT marketplace have comparable prices in many vendors situated in different nations. The cost only varies between businesses due to factors like the firms’ notoriety (high-profile tech corporations charge you more than tech startups), the pay of the engineers, their level of expertise at work, etc.

RegionNFT Development Cost – $ per hour
North America$150
South America$43

Factors that depend on the Cost To Build an NFT Marketplace: 

Stage 1: Discovery phase, Research, UI /UX Design 

In this step, your NFT marketplace development cost totally depends on the specifications your NFT product will need. Select the team to build the NFT marketplace at this stage, specify required and optional features, present market and customer research, and create a prototype to get a better idea about this phase.

Stage 2: Development

Developers in the NFT marketplace create architecture, connect databases and perform other tasks. We also include cloud synchronization that improves the user experience all around. And then look at the fundamental and supplementary aspects separately for NFT development services.

Stage 3: Testing

QA specialists are needed to test your MVP for bugs once it’s finished. As a result, all flaws that are found will be fixed to deliver high-quality products.

Stage 4: Technical Documentation and Launch

You can now launch your MVP to evaluate user response. If your NFT marketplace app is a hit, you may progressively add to its features and give it every improvement you can think of. And also during this stage, a document including all the details of your application must be created.

NFT Marketplace Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintenance must be taken into consideration if you wish to run your NFT platform over a prolonged period of time. The performance of your platform should be continuously monitored and any issues that might develop should be fixed right away. The goal is to provide a flawless customer experience. 

The following elements will be part of your maintenance and related costs:

Server expenses: $2000

Integration of third-party: $400

Application upgrades: $400

Fixing bugs: $1000

Security patches: $2000


The next step is to connect with a blockchain app development company that can help you turn your idea into a highly profitable marketplace. With our custom NFT marketplace development services, NFTWIIZ helps you build NFT marketplace development services. Now that you are aware of how the NFT marketplace functions, its features, and how much it costs to build an NFT marketplace.

NFTWIIZ has created NFT marketplace business models and we are expertise in the development of NFT marketplace development services. Our team will assist you to build an NFT marketplace that is unique to increase your brand in the NFT marketplace. We will thoroughly research your suggested topic and create an original digital solution. 

Regardless of the type of your business idea, we will build the NFT marketplace platform and are to assist you in making it a reality that is revenue-friendly.


As you can see, the buzz surrounding the NFT marketplace continues to draw more attention to how to build an NFT development service. NFTWIIZ is prepared to assist you in starting a successful NFT marketplace development service business. Do get in touch with us, and we would be happy to help you further.

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